We cannot grant refunds more than 5 days after completion of tour.

If for any of the reason, you decide to cancel your confirmed booking, you would be credited with the appropriate amount as per the cancellation policy applicable within 15 working days at the given account details at the time of cancellation.

Cancellation charges apply according to the table here below:

Some trips which are on sharing basis require a minimum number of participants to avoid cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel a schedule trip to fully refund affected customers although tour companies will make every efforts to maintain the regular operation.

There is 5% GST charges add-on to the above penalties.

Cancellation of activity for which there was a change in date and time:

In case a booking has been confirmed for a specific date or time. Later, as per the client's request, the booking was changed to a different date or time, which afterwards gets cancelled by WHITRIP.COM or by the client for any reason, WHITRIP.COM may charge the client the cancellation charge according to the original date or time of the booking made. For example, for an activity which was initially booked for January 11th, and on January 10th (the day before), the client did contact WHITRIP.COM, informing that they will not be able or do not wish to attend the activity on January 11th and requesting to postpone the activity to January 17th; WHITRIP.COM changed the booking accordingly. Then, on the day itself, the activity was cancelled due to weather conditions. In such a case, WHITRIP.COM may charge the client a cancellation fee as per the original change in the original booking, meaning as per the 1st -day cancellation.